10 Plagues of Egypt Party Theme Ideas

10 Plagues Egypt Exodus

Recommended ages: 13+

The 10 Plagues of Egypt children’s party theme is based on scriptures from the Book of Exodus in the Holy Bible: Exodus 7-11. This book is the second book of the Old Testament. Provided within this party theme are color schemes, centerpiece ideas, materials used, instructions, tips, and ideas.

Holy Bible Verse Reference: 10 Plagues Bible Scriptures: Exodus 7-11

Complementary Color Scheme Ideas for Decorations: Black, Red

Black Red Color Scheme

Complementary color scheme ideas, include: black, red, brown, gray.

Setup instructions available in 10 Plagues Download

10 Plagues of Egypt Games and Activities

Animal Masks

1) Animal patterns
2) Card stock printer paper
3) Printer with ink
4) Scissors
5) Markers or crayons
6) Glue
7) Large Popsicle sticks or ribbon

1) Print the animal mask patterns on card stock paper (see example below).
Horse Face Outline
2) Color the masks with crayons or markers. Cut along the border of the patterns with scissors.
3) Cut two circles where the eyes of the animal are to make eye holes.
4) Glue a large Popsicle stick at the bottom of the mask, or cut vertical slits on each side of the mask and use ribbon to tie on the mask.

Death of First Born Activity

1) Print the template onto card stock (see example below).
Egypt Death of First Born Activity
2) Color in the template.
3) Cut out all three pieces.
4) Fold both of the larger pieces on the dashed lines creating creases.
5) Assemble the three pieces together.
6) Glue all three pieces together.

10 Plagues Relay Race

1) Prepare the separate activities prior to starting the activity as described below. There will be one set of ten plagues per team.
2) Separate party guests into two or more teams.
3) Have adults referee at the start and end of each section of the relay.
4) Each team member takes a turn finding one of the 10 plagues (must find them in the order they took place).
5) River to Blood: (Preparation) In disposable cups, place a few droplets of red food coloring or cherry Kool Aid. Next to it have a disposable cup filled with water. (Activity) The first person in line finds the water to blood plague. He / She pours water into the cup then brings it back to the next person in line.
6) Frogs: (Activity) The second person in line plays leap frog over the other team members in line. When he / she has leaped over all team members, he / she runs back to the front of the line and tags the next player.
7) Lice: (Preparation) Place a small scoop of one of the following items on a cookie sheet: rice, raisins, or dry beans. Place chopsticks on the cookie sheet next to the pile. (Activity) The next person in line needs to pick up and move five pieces one at a time. Select the item being picked up based on the age of the players. Choose something easier for younger children and more difficult for older ones.
8) Flies: (Preparation) Cut felt, velcro, or other similar material in fly pieces using the stencil provided below. Place the fly pieces onto fly paper. (Activity) Player uses fingers, chopsticks, or other tool to remove five felt flies from the fly paper.
Fly Outline
9) Pestilence: (Preparation) Make animal masks (patterns provided) with construction paper, scissors, and glue. This can be used as an activity during the party (See animal mask activity for patterns and instructions). Place animal masks around the room. Give each team a bed sheet at the beginning of the game. (Activity) The next person in line finds a mask and puts it on. The other team members carry that person in the bed sheet to the front of the line.
10) Boils: (Preparation) Glue red candies to plastic or rubber gloves to resemble boils. (Activity) Have the team player find and slip on the gloves onto their hands. Return to the front of the line and tag the next player.
11) Hail & Fire: (Preparation) Fill one balloon with rock candy or other clear / white candy (hail) for each team. Fill one balloon with Hot Tamale candy or other red candy (fire) for each team. Fill eight other balloons (red and white in color) with air (if inside) or water (if outside). Use streamers and tape to attach them to the ceiling. (Activity) The team player must find the white candy and red candy balloons and bring them back to the group.
12) Locust RecipeLocusts: (Preparation) Obtain and layout the components to assemble a locust. Leave one out for each team as an example:
Pound cake roll or Twinkie
White frosting with green food coloring or green frosting
Two colored Jelly Beans
Six Pretzel Sticks
(Activity) Take pound cake roll or Twinkie and cover it with green frosting (white frosting with green food coloring or green frosting). Take two long pretzel sticks and put in a triangle shape on the side of the roll for one leg. Do the other side the same way. Break a pretzel in half and put in front on top for the antennae. Add two jelly beans for the eyes.
13) Darkness: (Preparation) Place a blindfold somewhere in the room for each team. (Activity) The player finds and puts on the blindfold. The rest of the team guides him / her back with their voices.
14) Death of First Born Son: (Preparation) Create the mummy tombs described in the Death of First Born Activity described above. Place some of them around the room. (Activity) The player finds the tomb and brings it back to the group.
15) The winner is the team to finish all ten segments of the race first.

Pharaoh of the Egyptian Borough

1) Large tomato
2) Frozen peeled grapes (large)
3) Uncooked liver
4) Corn silk, wet fur or yarn
5) Catsup
6) Plastic gloves
7) Mud or ice
8) Dried apricot or other similar fruit
9) Soft piece of chicken bone or cartilage
10) Cold cooked spaghetti

1) Place each item listed above in a separate cup.
2) In a darkened room, pass around the prepared cups one at a time while you recite a spooky poem.
3) Each person playing the game must FEEL what’s inside the cups. When you turn on the lights, hand each person a list of the body parts and have them write down what they think was really in each cup.

Once upon a hardened heart night
Ruling in this spooky borough
A man who was to die of fright
Bearing the name of Pharaoh.
Many and many a year has passed
Since they buried Pharaoh away,
But his withering corpse we’ve here amassed
Dug up from his tomb today!

Here is his brain, which feels no pain.
(Pass around a cup with a wet squishy tomato inside it).
Here are his eyes, frozen in surprise.
(Pass around a cup with two frozen peeled grapes).
Here is his heart, nevermore to start!
(Pass around a cup with a large lump of uncooked liver).
Here is his hair, once so fair!
(Pass around a cup with a handful of corn silk, wet fur or yarn).
A few drops of blood, the rest turned to mud!
(Pass around a cup with catsup thinned with warm water).
One hand all alone, rotting flesh and bone.
(Pass around a cup with a damp plastic glove filled with mud or ice).
Now touch his ear, which does not hear!
(Pass around a cup with dried apricot).
And here is his nose, cold in his repose.
(Pass around a cup a soft piece of chicken bone or cartilage).
All that’s left of his skin are these worms within!
(Pass around a cup filled with wet, cooked spaghetti noodles).
Poor Pharaoh is dead and withered away,
Can you guess what we really felt today? 

10 Plagues Food

Mummy Brats:
Mummy Brats
1) Precooked bratwursts or hot dogs
2) Crescent rolls or crescent dough sheets
3) Mustard
4) Butter or margarine

1) Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
2) Cook brats or hot dogs.
3) Unroll crescent dough. If using crescent rolls, press dough together to remove perforations.
4) Cut dough large enough to wrap around the brat or hot dog.
5) Wipe excess moisture off brats or hot dogs. Place one end of dough strip on one end of brat and fold slightly to make a pocket that covers the end of the meat.
6) Wrap dough around the brat or hot dog, overlapping slightly. Let dough stretch as you work with it. Skip about half an inch of the brat at the “head” and tuck the end of the dough under the brat or hot dog.
7) Place each finished mummy on ungreased cookie sheet.
8) Lightly coat the dough with butter or margarine.
9) Bake for 15-20 minutes until mummies are golden brown and the bottom is just beginning to become a darker brown.
10) Add mustard dots for eyes. Serve hot.

Five recipes available in 10 Plagues Download, including appetizers, main courses, desserts, and drinks.

10 Plagues Invitations

Time Sequence: 33:20 -> 44:28

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