Believing is Seeing

Now that you’ve come to Christ what happens? Christians often are not prepared for what’s to come. If you accepted Jesus Christ into your heart at church during an alter call, most, if not all the time, a Pastor/Preacher will stay after service to answer any questions you might have and give information on how you can stay connected and plugged in within that church and this is great, but what happens outside of the church walls? In this article we’ll explore that transformation we spoke of before and what it looks like. In the following two articles will discuss how relationships with friends, family, and God through Jesus Christ are affected, and finally the persecution that comes with it.

Now you’re a believer. You’re involved and plugged into a church where you serve. You’re being taught scripture and discipled by a mature believer preparing you for baptism. Different behaviors are beginning to happen within in you for the better. Maybe you used a lot of foul language and it appears to have abruptly stopped or gradually overtime it has become less and less. Weekends at the bar are now filled with laughter over coffee at a friends house. When a beggar approaches you for change you no longer question what they’ll do with the money and give it freely because of what’s in your heart, not theirs. Maybe you had some really bad habits that you’ve began to over come with the support and aid of other believers. Maybe you were an absentee parent or spouse and have a new found joy with your children and spouse. All the situations mentioned above have and do happen on a regular basis when coming to Christ some are immediate and others overtime, (2nd Corinthians 5:17).

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*Baptism is the outward expressions of your love and commitment to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, (Romans 6:4 & John 3:5).

July 12th, 2018

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