Believing is Seeing

In the last article we discussed the transformations that can and do take place when becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. What we didn’t mention is how subtle some transformations can be. In this article we’re answering the the question, “How are your relationships affected when coming to Christ.”

With your new found hope in Jesus Christ comes a fire to share the new good news. There’s a purpose to the live out life on purpose every day. You want to share this amazing awesome grace and love with others, but as new believers we don’t always share it so lovingly and gracefully. Your excitement can draw people in and your perspectives to life, family, and friendships are different. Your prayer life and relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ becomes a priority and consistent and you seek God and grow in the knowledge of His Word. There’s a freedom to do what you ought to do that it may glorify our Creator God. However, these new behaviors and perspectives can sometimes cause people who were a regular part of your life or circle to fall away.

It can cause friends/family members to question and think you’re crazy to believe so heartily in something and someone they believe you can’t see. When you invite friends to join along a lot will quickly respond no for fear of being judged, (see next article as we further explore this topic). Some, simply because they are content with their life as is,; let them know there’s more and that our God desires for us to have a life more abundantly.

Other family/friends will celebrate this new found hope within you. They’ll want to come alongside you and ask a lot of questions. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know, but will work on finding out. They will witness a joy and light in you, it may be the only example of Christ they’ll ever see. Any bitterness in your heart may have melted away and the spirit of forgiveness will come upon you to restore broken relationships with friends/family members. Either way, be prepared the people closest to you and around you will be affected. It is by what you now believe they will see.

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July 14th, 2018

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