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Christian Party Supplies and Event Planning offers a digital download for each party theme which provides all the instructions and digital art necessary to run your own Bible themed party. We have done all the research and design for you. These downloads include: color schemes, table centerpiece ideas, games, activities, food recipes, custom invitation designs, materials used, instructions, tips, and more, for you to experience Biblical times.

Christian Party Theme Based on Specific Bible Verses

The Bible verses that inspired the Christian party theme is provided. Inspiration for the themes provided start here. Below is a list of some of the Bible verses used and the party associated with it:

Noah’s Ark -> Genesis 6-8
Joseph -> Genesis 37-46
10 Plagues of Egypt -> Exodus 7-11
Moses Parting the Sea -> Exodus 14
Daniel in the Lion’s Den -> Daniel 6
Parable of the Talents -> Matthew 25
Last Supper -> Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22, John 13
Fruits of the Spirit -> Galatians 5
Armor of God -> Ephesians 6

Recommended Ages for Party Theme

Some Bible theme parties are designed for young boys and/or girls, while others are designed for a more mature audience. Each downloaded theme describes who the party is designed for.

Complementary Color Scheme Ideas for Decorations

Each Bible themed party has a specific color scheme. Some are based on metallic colors, while others are esigned for earth tones. Some of the color schemes are provided below:

Agricultural Tones Color Schemes Agricultural Tones Color Schemes

Black / Red Color Schemes Black / Red Color Schemes

Earth Tones Color Schemes Earth Tones Color Schemes

Metallic Color Schemes Metallic Color Schemes

Royal Tones Color Schemes Royal Tones Color Schemes

Table Centerpiece Ideas for Party Theme

Last Supper Table Decoration

Table decorations and centerpiece are a critical part of the theme for your party. Christian Party Supplies and Event Planning has many innovative and cheap solutions to help you design and develop the look and feel of an important focal point of the party.

Moses Jesus Table Centerpiece

Party Theme Games and Activities

Christian Party Supplies and Event Planning provides four Bible themed games and / or activities for each party. We provide instructions, list of materials, and any printable designs necessary to run the Biblical themed party. Some samples are provided below:

Disciple Simon Peter Decal

Egypt Death of First Born Activity

Food for Bible Themed Party

We provide recipes and other instructions for easy to prepare food that goes with each party theme.

Passover Seder

Mummy Brats

Party Invitations

We provide custom design invitations that you can print to invite friends and family. Several design options are available for each theme.

Feet Washing Invitations Front Back

Last Supper Party Invitation

Links to Online Movies

We have done a lot of research to find the right movies online that help tell the story of each theme. The links to those videos are provided in the downloaded themes.

April 22nd, 2016

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