How to Make a Paper People Chain

Paper People Chain

How to Make a Paper People ChainHow to Make a Paper People Chain


1. Cut a long strip of paper. 8 inches by 11 inches or larger.
2. Draw the outline of a person at one end of the strip. Take care that the head touches the top edge and the feet touch the bottom edge of the strip and that the hands touch either side.
3. Fold the paper accordion style. Make sure that the width of the folds are the size of the outline of the person you drew.
4. Trim off any leftover paper that isn’t long enough to fold.
5. Cut out the person, leaving the folds intact at the hands (and possibly the feet also) so the chain does not break.
6. Unfold the paper, and, voila, a chain of people!

October 30th, 2010

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