How to Make Layered Sand Jars Art

Layered Sand Jar Art

Things You’ll Need / Materials:
An empty glass jar or bottle
Enough white sand to fill the jar
Note: table salt can be substituted for sand
Chalk, in a variety of colors
Gold or silver enamel paint
Small paintbrush
Table knife
Small bowl
Paper funnel
White glue

1. Wash and thoroughly dry the jar or bottle.
2. Paint the lid of your jar or bottle with gold or silver enamel paint. Other colors can be used, but the metallic shades make a nice finishing touch for your project.
3. Think about the colors you would like to use and possible color combinations.
4. Your sand jar will appeared striped, so you need at least two colors.
5. Working on a newspaper to protect your work surface, pour a small amount of sand or salt into the bowl. Then scrape the side of a piece of chalk with the knife, letting the scrapings fall into the bowl. The scrapings will be very fine, almost dust-like in their appearance. Stop often, and stir with the knife to determine if you have reached the intensity of color you want. The more chalk scrapings you add, the darker the color will become.
6. Make a funnel from a piece of paper by rolling it into a cone shape and taping it, leaving a small hole in the bottom through which you can pour the sand or salt.
7. Pour the first color into the jar, deciding whether you want thick or thin stripes. For a very small jar, you will need to use very thin layers; you can also make thin stripes in a larger jar, although wider ones give a bolder look.
8. Set the extra colored sand or salt aside (in a pile on the newspaper) while you go on with the next color.
9. If you are alternating colors with white, remember that you simply use plain salt or sand with no chalk scrapings added.
10. Continue layering the jar with various colors. Fill to the very top so that the layers won’t move around.
11. Glue the lid onto the jar.

October 30th, 2010

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