Ordinary into Extraordinary

Everyday ordinary people are doing extraordinary things. The only limits are the ones you’ve set in place because with God all things are possible. An example to all children and the child at heart is A.J. Troiano.

From Texas to Florida to California, 2017 was a tough year for the hurricanes and wildfires that ravaged those areas. While five-year-old A.J. Troiano was safe at home in New Hampshire during Hurricane Harvey, when his parents and grandparents showed him photos and explained all that Houstonians had endured and lost—particularly little Texans—he was certainly inspired to help.

To fundraise for the American Red Cross, he decided to walk two miles (five laps around his block). In anticipation, he made a poster and the very next day set out on foot when he got home from kindergarten. As A.J. walked, motivated neighbors and friends joined in and contributed, making him happy enough to sprint the last lap home with $200 in earnings for the cause. It sounds like more service is in A.J.’s future, too. He and his family will regularly serve meals and play games at a local kids’ club. And one day A.J. hopes to become a Sheriff.

To read more about A.J. and other ordinary children doing extraordinary things follow the link below.

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