The Out Pouring Part II

Miracles Still Happen

God’s out pouring of love and provision continued over the next six days. After we had our fill of floury treats and before we could even consider the next meal the phone rang. One of our friends families were having a birthday party for their child that Saturday evening and called to ask if we wanted to join. Our friend made sure to mention there was a lot of food, so we should come hungry.

There were tamales, carne asada, and much more. It was an authentic Mexican feast. More than the food we enjoyed our friend and her families company along with all the festivities. Even in the midst of our struggles and finances God provided a way to celebrate. Before the evenings end we were asked to take left overs with us. The leftovers were enough for all seven and lasted through the next morning and afternoon. Looking back, I can’t recall ever feeling worried about what to eat, what to wear, or even gas in the vehicle.

It’s now Sunday and we attended service as usual. After service snacks were always provided. Usually bagels, cream cheese, and some fruit and we were grateful. Still this Sunday was a little different. We had a visitor from a different church and she invited us to their church that afternoon. They were having a church picnic. There’s was an abundance of food left and we were strongly encouraged to take it home with us. They filled up box upon box and set it the trunk of our car. We kept asking if there was anyone else who could benefit from the leftovers, but this church filled up our trunk. This food was enough for that afternoon, evening, Monday morning, afternoon, and evening, and Tuesday morning, afternoon, and evening. Three more days to go.

Have faith, never lose hope, and be encouraged. Keep reading and witness Gods hands at work in our lives. Part III tomorrow.

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