The Out Pouring Part III

With Money in Pocket God Provides

It was now Tuesday evening and my friend paid back the $60 so I was happy to finally have some money in my pocket. However, in my desperation I sought out additional employment in a scare job market and had an interview that very evening. This left no time to get groceries or do much of anything else. I soon found out this was one of those jobs where you buy the products to sale. This was not an option.

As I walked out my interview there was only one young interviewee behind me. This would be his first job. As I walked outside, a man, the interviewee’s father was waiting for him. He noticed the Jesus stickers affixed to my rear window, inquired about his son and if I was a believer. I let the father know his son was fine, the type of employment he was looking at, and that he’d be out shortly. After answering that I was a follower of Jesus, this sparked a lengthy conversation as we waited for his son. By the time his son exited the interview it was dark and it was late. The father was now late for their Bible Study and I had to decided if it was too late for the grocery store.

We all said good night and laid my head on the roof of the car in prayer thanking God for the conversation. I also asked which I should do: go home to see my family or the grocery store? I hadn’t finished the prayer when the father tapped my shoulder and said the following:

“Sorry to bother you, but do you need this,” (He was holding a lot of deli groceries in his hands)? Warm tears rolled down my cheeks in relief. “Something told me to ask you.” He continued to say, “I’ve never bought food for Bible Study before, but this evening I knew I had to.” “It’s for you, isn’t it?”

This wasn’t just a little food it was enough for their Bible Study group. An piece fried chicken, macaroni and potato salads (2 each), 2 foot long sandwiches, and more. I told him about the last few days, hugged, thanked, and prayed with him. Because of the father I went home to my family that evening. This was enough food for seven for that evening, all of Wednesday, all of Thursday, and all of Friday. Friday was payday and I still had the $60.

Later I had friends and family ask why I didn’t tell them, they could have helped. This wasn’t something I didn’t know, but my lips were sealed. And I’m so grateful because I witnessed God’s provisions for seven people over the course of seven days. This is a Miracle I’ll never forget.

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