The Out Pouring

The Out Pouring of Flour and the Seven

The parable of Elisha and the Widow’s Oil 2 Kings 4:1-7 New King James Version (NKJV) is near and dear to my heart. The miracle I’m about to share I’ve likened to that of the above Bible verse. I’ve shared this miracle before and am a little hesitant to share it again. Most saw the struggle and missed God at work in my families lives. I’ve learned sometimes you are meant to ask and other times your lips are sealed to watch God at His best. This was one of those times.

California’s economy, (where my family and I lived at the time), was struggling. We were struggling also. Rent and car payments were past due and I was put in a position to choose between these payments or feeding my family. My family at the time consisted of my Uncle Miguel, my Goddaughter Briana, my at the time boyfriend and his daughter, my two children Emili and Joseph, and myself. Seven in total. The children were too young to work, my uncle on disability, and a boyfriend who had been laid off. One income, seven people. Yet, somehow I managed to lend $60 to a friend the week before (what was I thinking).

Soon the weekend came, a Friday night to be exact and it was time to decide what to serve for dinner. With no money to use I found myself looking into a bare cupboard and refrigerator. I remained hopeful and called out to God, “You say I’m more important than the birds and foul of the earth. I need not worry about food, so where is it?” Truly, this was my prayer. In response, I heard an audible male voice say, “Take everything out of your refrigerator and cupboards and set it upon the kitchen table.”

We did as asked and began to bake and bake and bake some more. We made enough breads, cakes, and other treats to feed us. All seven of us. There was enough for that evening, the next morning, and the next afternoon. The flour continued to pour out until we had our fill. Six more days continued in this manner.

More of this story is to come…keep reading.

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